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Minor Surgery

Minor Surgery is performed in the practice by all GPs. Procedures performed may include treatment of ingrowing toenails and removal of moles and small lumps.

Assessment by your GP will be needed before any procedure will be undertaken. You will then need to make a double appointment with both the GP and Nurse and sign a consent form at the time of the procedure.


Minor Injury

We are now able to offer a Nurse-led service for emergency treatment of injuries that are not treatable with home first aid kits, such as minor cuts, bruises, burns, sprains and other similar minor injuries. Anyone can access these services including people who are registered with a GP elsewhere.

The service is available during our normal opening hours and although no appointment is necessary, we would encourage patients to phone the surgery before attending.

The service is provided, so that people with minor injuries do not need to attend hospital accident and emergency departments during our opening times.


Healthcare Clinic

Our Healthcare Assistants offer ECGs, Blood Pressure Checks and Audiograms.


Services by other healthcare providers

Please note these are private healthcare providers and a fee will be charged, for details of the charges please contact the relevant provider.


Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and Counsellor

Sonia Richards  

  • For further information and to make an appointment please call direct on 01728 663757


Private Audiology and Earwax Removal Clinic

The Hearing Care Centre is a multi-award winning, independent hearing care company, offering services for all hearing concerns throughout East Anglia, including right here at Wickham Market Medical Centre.

The company which was established in 1998, guarantees an impartial, expert and caring approach to hearing care, having won many awards for the level of customer service provided to its patients.

At their regular audiology clinic, qualified audiology professionals carry out comprehensive hearing assessments, fit patients with the very latest hearing aid technology, offer superlative cars, hold consultations for tinnitus management, take impressions for custom noise protection and much more.

The company also runs a private earwax removal service, providing both ear irrigation and micro-suction techniques. Included in the price is a full ear health assessment as well as a before and after camera image of the ear canal.

A hearing assessment and initial consultation is just £30. Earwax removal is charged at £80.

To find out more and to book your appointment visit The Hearing Care Centre website or call 01728 448723