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Inspired Footcare

Kerry Perkins RGN, SAC Dip FHPT FHPP

“Kerry cares for your feet”

Kerry is a qualified Foot Health Practitioner, currently practicing in…

  • Framfield Medical Centre, Woodbridge
  • Health By Design, Hadleigh
  • Sportsmed East, Kesgrave
  • The Grove Medical Centre, Felixstowe
  • And also providing domiciliary visits

Kerry is a Registered Foot Health Practitioner and has many years experience as a Registered Nurse, running successful clinics in her Nursing Profession.
Kerry advocates that be it day-to-day movement, walking, cycling, running… whatever the activity, feet are our most constant ally. Feet are the foundation of our lifestyles.
Maintaining healthy Feet is a MUST for us all.

Kerry is able to ensure that general nail cutting is performed correctly and any problematic areas of concern are addressed.

There are numerous conditions that can adversely affect feet:

  • Corns: a cone shape build up of hard skin, causing pain/discomfort.
  • Calluses: thickened skin built up as a result of friction, causing pain/discomfort.
  • Diabetic: it is vital that diabetic feet are monitored regularly as they are more prone to complications. If neuropathy is present then issues can worsen.
  • Ingrown Nails: such nails are painful & can become increasing problematic.
  • Cracked Heels: formation of excessive callus & dry skin. Removal via debridement and regular skin care will aid comfort.
  • Athletes Foot: a fungal skin condition presenting as inflamed and irritated areas.
  • Athletes Foot
  • Diabetic Foot Care
  • Nail Trimming
  • Hard Skin Removal

Above are some common concerns that clients present with. Kerry is also able to use her Nursing knowledge to address issues or escalate concerns. Practicing as your personal, friendly Foot Health Practitioner, Kerry is able to provide safe and gentle treatments, advice and offer on going support.

Feel free to also contact with Kerry for Ear treatment.

07751 718 515