Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Oxford AstraZeneca Vaccine

New guidance has been issued for the use of the Oxford AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine.

This follows further reviews by the independent regulator, the MHRA, and the Commission for Human Medicines, of a very small number of people in the UK who have developed a rare blood-clotting condition since having the Oxford AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine.

The MHRA and Joint Committee for Vaccinations and Immunisations have emphasised that the risk of this condition is extremely small and that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks for the vast majority of people. They have recommended that:

  • Everyone who has had the AstraZeneca vaccine should still have a second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, irrespective of age, unless they have had a blood clot or have an existing risk of thrombosis (blood clotting)
  • People aged 30 and over or who have a health condition that puts them at higher risk of severe Covid-19 disease should still be offered the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine. The benefits in protecting them against the serious consequences of COVID-19 outweigh any risk of this rare condition.
  • People aged 18-29 who do not have a health condition that puts them at higher risk of severe Covid-19 disease will be offered an alternative Covid-19 vaccine where available. (This has been recommended as a precaution as people under 30 are at less risk from Covid-19 and not because they are considered to be at particular risk of developing the rare blood clot.)
  • People under 30 can still choose to have the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine if this will mean they can be protected more quickly and they have been made aware of the guidance.
  • Please see the leaflet below that has been produced by Public Health England and the NHS to answer any questions you may have
  • Leaflet on COVID-19 vaccination and blood clotting


Your GP surgery is unable offer you a certification of Covid vaccination

Your GP surgery is unable offer you a certification of Covid vaccination, a vaccination passport or a letter to prove you have been vaccinated against Covid- 19.

You can, however, find details of all your vaccinations on the NHS App

Proof of vaccination documents have not yet been developed and, as such, cannot be provided by your GP.

As soon as we have further information we will share it with you.


COVID-19 testing in Suffolk if you don't have symptoms

Covid-19 rapid testing is now available for those who are asymptomatic.

Book a test via this Suffolk County Council page.


Face Coverings

You must wear a face covering when attending the practice, you will not be allowed access to the surgery without one. We cannot provide one to you.

There may be some exceptions, discretion by staff:

  • young people
  • people with respiratory issues that prevent them from wearing a covering on their face


Covid-19 Update

Please note: The Rendlesham Surgery is now closed to patients, this decision was not taken lightly but it has quickly become apparent that it would be extremely difficult to continue to staff both surgeries. However patients can continue to pick their medication from Acer Road Pharmacy signs are in place to direct patients accordingly.

At Wickham Market a window has been opened near the front doors to enable patients to pick up medication, again signs are in place to direct patients accordingly

Repeat Prescriptions – please allow three full working days for the practice to process them and an extra day for them to be dispensed to the relevant surgery.

Access to Wickham Market Surgery is now via Entrance 1 which is at the side of the building, access is via an intercom and Entrance 2 which is at the front of the building on the far right hand side, access is via a door bell. You will be advised by a clinician when you are offered an appointment as to which entrance to go to and again signs are in place to direct patients accordingly.


Covid-19 – Changes for patients booking appointments at the practice

The practice is moving over to a Dr First Triage service which means that all patients who feel that they need to be seen by a clinician will be added to a triage list and a clinician will ring them back and offer them a face to face appointment if they feel it is clinically appropriate to do so.

Access to both Surgeries will change, the front doors will be locked and access for all appointments will be through the side doors and an intercom system at Wickham. Patients will be screened to confirm that they have no coronavirus symptoms and that they have an appointment. No one will be allowed to enter the building who does not have an appointment.

Medication collection is via a window near the front door at Wickham and from the Pharmacy at Rendlesham.

PLEASE NOTE - All appointment booking and medication queries etc will be via the telephone, there will be no face to face service.

Notices will be displayed outside both buildings to direct patients but the key message is that no one will be allowed to enter the building without an appointment and they will be screened again before entry.

Medication Collection Wickham Market Surgery - Please note medication can be picked up at the Wickham Market Surgery:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 18:00
  • Friday 9:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 17:30


Symptoms advice poster

Please see this symptoms advice poster for up to date symptoms relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19). If you any concerns please contact NHS 111 online or via phone.


Vulnerable Patients

If you feel you as though you are vulnerable, please register for support.


Local services and contact details for support

Please see our news article regarding social prescribing.

Advice for parents during coronavirus

Please see the posters below for information about childhood vaccinations during Coronavirus:


Coronavirus Vaccine Studies

The new coronavirus vaccine studies service has now been officially launched and is available for everyone to join.

For further information, please sign up to be contacted for coronavirus vaccine studies.


Antibody Testing

In line with national guidance, antibody testing (to see if you have had Coronavirus) is being rolled out in Suffolk and North East Essex in a safe and phased way. It has begun within our hospitals.

We will keep you updated as to when this test is available to wider staff and patient groups. Meanwhile, please may we request that you do not ask your GP about availability. This will help us to help you with all other urgent calls. We will make an announcement as soon as we can. Please also note that as this is a new disease, we don’t yet know if having antibodies means you are immune.


For the latest information and advice regarding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) check online for:

NHS advice on the Novel Coronvirus

Government advice on the Novel Coronvirus

Latest NHS Guidelines translated into 32 languages

If you are concerned that you may have Coronavirus, or may have come into contact with someone who has, the NHS 111 online service has created Coronavirus pages that tell what you should do based on your particular circumstances.  Please do not visit the surgery until you have contacted NHS 111.



Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and your information

The ICO recognises the unprecedented challenges the NHS and other health professionals are facing during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The ICO also recognise that 'Public bodies may require additional collection and sharing of personal data to protect against serious threats to public health.'

The Government have also taken action in respect of this and on 20th March 2020 the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care issued a Notice under Regulation 3(4) of The Health Service (Control of Patient Information) Regulations 2002 requiring organisations such as GP Practices to use your information to help GP Practices and other healthcare organisations to respond to and deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to look after your healthcare needs during this difficult time, we may urgently need to share your personal information, including medical records, with clinical and non-clinical staff who belong to organisations that are permitted to use your information and need to use it to help deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. This could (amongst other measures) consist of either treating you or a member of your family and enable us and other healthcare organisations to monitor the disease, assess risk and manage the spread of the disease.

Please be assured that we will only share information and health data that is necessary to meet yours and public healthcare needs.

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care has also stated that these measures are temporary and will expire on 31st March 2021 but will be reviewed in September 2020 and every six months thereafter. Any further extension will be communicated via an update to this Privacy Notice.

Please also note that the data protection and electronic communication laws do not stop us from sending public health messages to you, either by phone, text or email as these messages are not direct marketing.

It may also be necessary, where the latest technology allows us to do so, to use your information and health data to facilitate digital consultations and diagnoses and we will always do this with your security in mind.


If you are concerned about how your information is being used, please contact our DPO using the contact details provided in this Privacy Notice.


Vulnerable People During this Time

If you see or hear any of these signs, a child or adult may be at risk. Report it by calling Customer First on 0808 800 4005

Please see this information sheet relating to children and this information sheet relating to adults


Healthwatch Suffolk Survey

Healthwatch Suffolk are working with partners and people across local NHS and social care services to host a short survey about your experiences of services during the coronavirus pandemic. To take part please use this survey. For further infomation please see this Healthwatch article.

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